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Is no longer an oxymoron - great news for Brands and Retailers

Grocery Server connects millions of digital shoppers to products in local retail stores every day - leading them farther down the path to purchase than any other form of advertising. Shoppers love these local connections - which makes the Grocery Server Digital Marketing Platform the most effective place for Brands and Retailers to connect with consumers as they plan their weekly meals and shopping trips. This is "Useful Advertising" (an actual consumer quote!).

Leading lifestyle, food and shopping app publishers like, MyRecipes, Taste of Home, Out of Milk and ZipList rely on Grocery Server to engage users and drive incremental revenues, giving Grocery Server an aggregate monthly network audience of over 50 Million (the largest in the industry). This is Useful Advertising at scale.

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Connecting millions of shoppers to local products - every day

Local Offers

We start with the largest database of local retail products, offers and coupons in the US, fresh daily. From Apples to Zucchini, from Aldi to Walmart, we've got the products shoppers are looking for, all linked by market area to our database of over 80,000 phyical retail stores and farmer's markets.

Shopping Engine

Our semantic Shopping Engine matches products to content on popular websites and in dozens of shopping apps in real-time. This makes the content - stuff like recipes - "shoppable" while simplifying consumers' lives. Brands and Retailers can promote their products within these integrations. That's our business model.

Consumer Insights

We see millions of shopping interactions each day across our network of integrations. As a result, we're able to develop thrilling insights into consumer planning and shopping behavior - and this just gets better as we roll out our new product recommendation and automated meal planning engine.


Reach and influence consumers where they spend their time: digital media

Enhanced Display Ads

Smart, Local Display Ads

Native Advertising

Recipe and Shopping Content

Social Shopper

Harness Social to Drive Sales

Dynamic Email

Local, Personal Email Made Easy.

Pairing Engine

I love it when you tell me what to do.


Your Crystal Ball. Now with Weather!


In retrospect, it actually makes sense.

  • 2011 - Platform

    Personal frustration with grocery shopping and meal planning leads a seasoned (grizzled?) team of marketing and technology vets to create Grocery Server. Data is liberated, mistakes are made, but it works.

  • 2012 - Network

    To reach more consumers, Grocery Server develops an API enabling brands and publishers to integrate local offers and shopping tools directly into their websites and apps. The Grocery Server Network is born.

  • 2013 - Business Model

    Wait, we need one, right? Grocery Server launches paid Brand and Retail placement on the Grocery Server Network and quickly becomes a leading Digital Shopper Marketing Platform. Meanwhile, Crystal Ball Analytics deliver amazing consumer insights.

  • 2014 - Expansion

    To keep up with demand, Grocery Server launches Self Service, enabling Brands and Retailers to reach over 50 million monthly visitors from a web browser. Stay tuned in Q3 as Grocery Server becomes the world's leading meal planning and product recommendation engine.

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Grocery Server was founded by a team of product marketing, retail and technology veterans. We operate sales, account management and data quality out of our North American offices, while leveraging technology and data services offshore in India and Malaysia..


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