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Hyperlocal is better.

From supermarkets to drugstores to farmer’s markets: If you want to activate consumers - local offers work better. With over 50x the engagement rate of display advertising, and covering over 50,000 retail locations, Grocery Server has offers, coupons and flash deals for every ZIP Code in the USA, with international locations coming soon...

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Grocery Server is a next-generation marketing platform that reaches millions of consumers each week. Combining the largest database of hyperlocal retail offers and smart shopping tools with a patented universal shopping list and real-time analytics, Grocery Server integrates with leading food and lifestyle websites, emails and mobile apps to inspire consumers and help them plan their most frequent shopping trip.


Tap the Grocery Server platform to reach millions of consumers at their "moment of decision" as they plan their weekly shopping and meals—across all digital channels, with ZIP Code precision and incredible analytics.


Harness the Grocery Server API to double engagement rates on your properties with hyperlocal offers, coupons and innovative shopping tools — while increasing revenues with brand and retail advertising.


Large and small retailers benefit from unparalleled reach, activation and insight across market areas and digital channels. Let us show you how to harness the power of our platform to "seal the deal".